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Doggie Diapers as an Alternative to an E-Collar

When a dog is spayed or neutered, he or she must be kept from chewing the incision site. Most vets recommend the use of an e-collar to ensure the animal does not do harm to the area or bring about an infection. However, these e-collars can be very irritating to the animal, and many pet owners wish for an alternative. Doggie Diapers & Dog Belly Bands can be of great help at this time, as they ensure the animal cannot reach the incision site just as an e-collar does.

The Benefits of Choosing This Option

Pet owners love dog nappies following an operation of this type, as they are very easy to use. The owner can find the right size for his or her pet and avoid the discomfort of the e-collar. The diapers can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. They are helpful when a dog has gone into heat and the owner is not ready to have the animal fixed and are great for older dogs who are unable to control their bladder or bowel movements. Puppies who are being housetrained also benefit from the use of a dog diaper or belly band to prevent accidents in the house. Furthermore, the diapers can be washed and reused again and again, and a pet owner may choose to use liners with the diapers to make cleaning up easier.

The Drawbacks

Why do so many people choose the e-collar when dog diapers and belly bands are available? Certain pet owners don't wish to have to clean their dogs after they urinate or have a bowel movement. While the liners make this task less difficult, a pet owner may feel they simply do not want to deal with this issue. For those who fall into this category, the e-collar will be the better option.

When choosing dog diapers and belly bands, pet owners need to make certain they are choosing high-quality products that won't harm their companion. Look for diapers that are made using no dyes or chemicals, and make certain the material is a wick-away fabric so the dog doesn't sit in his or her waste, as doing so could lead to health issues. The diapers must likewise fit properly or they won't do the intended job. To learn more about choosing dog diapers and belly bands, visit Pet Parents Brand ( Here you will find a wide range of dog diapers and belly bands (pet parents brand) suitable for your beloved pet.